Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jason's 30th and a blizzard

I've eaten at Dairy Queen alot, but I've never seen a blizzard like this.

It started comming down hard core around midnight. Alot of us stayed over at Jason and Kori's. I heard "whoa - it snowed alot last night" from alot of people this monring.


Melissa said...

wow, you blogged a lot last week. i'll just post one comment for everything. wow! what about that snow. good comment amount blizzards. listened to the stone roses today and had the same thought. give antonio my email or number. stay dry.

Anonymous said...

It's 40 outside, and that's about the coldest it's been in Houston this entire winter. Can't say I could handle being somewhere where one could not wear shorts in the middle of February. :)

Hope you're well, Josef!

Cheers, Christine (Reyes) Ellery