Friday, December 16, 2005

Zero degree Cancer

My chart:

Monday, December 05, 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Programming Guide

The older I get, the more I rival in this Christmas kitch tradition. Bring on the Ronnie Spector and Grinch. I don't know when Miricle on 34th Strreet is showing, and I may host a viewing of Nightmare Before Christmas - one of Burton's finest. Also The Grimlins is good for Chriustmas viewing.

Does someone have Comedy Central? Maybe I could come over for a viewing of the Grinch?

It's a Wonderful Life
Saturday, Dec. 10, 8-11 p.m. (NBC)
Saturday, Dec. 24, 8-11 p.m. (NBC)

Not gonna watch it again? Maybe this will change your mind: The secondary audio track for the 1946 classic features folksy narration by former president George Bush, who describes the action for the blind and visually impaired.

A Very Brady Christmas
Wednesday, Dec. 21, 8-10 p.m. (ABC Family)
Whether the idea strikes you as frightful or oh-so-delightful, the title of this 1988 TV movie pretty much sums it up.

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Friday, Dec. 2, 8-9 p.m. (ABC)
Young Kris Kringle (voiced by Mickey Rooney) bands together with elves, reindeer, and Mother Nature to overcome Burgermeister Meisterburger and deliver toys to tots everywhere in this 1970 stop-motion-animated perennial. The narration is by Fred Astaire.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Tuesday, Dec. 6, 8-9 p.m. (ABC)
Duh-nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh. Nuh-nuh-huh. Nuh-nuh-nuh. You know what we're talkin' about.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Monday, Dec. 12, 8-9 p.m (Comedy Central
The first of seven chances to catch the cartoon classic this year on Comedy Central. Our hearts are growing three sizes just thinking about it.

Frosty the Snowman
Saturday, Dec. 17, 8-8:30 p.m. (CBS)
Avoid the popular Christmas carol of the same name, which is filled with spoilers for this 1969 animated chestnut narrated by Jimmy Durante.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Prelim best of 2005 list

So I've started here:

Am I missing something? Do you want one? Email your address.

I have to cut something. The CD is like 2 minutes over. I am looking for shorter songs on the same record or just cutting a song alltogther. My first vote would be for MIA. What should I cut?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tea Time!

Tea (with milk) and a scone (the brown stuff is Nutella)

Logging of for the day from London. Off to Sainsburys...

Cause Everybody Hates a Tourist…

So as I continue to document my travels to London, I’ve decided that I would pepper my headlines and picture captions with lines from great songs by British artists. Cause really, if you took away the great rockn’roll that’s come from this country, what would you be left with, bad teeth and even worse food?

I went down and saw some touristy things I had never seen on my travels here before. If you can name these places in the comments section, I will bring you a crumpet, or a Cadbury Flake, or some prawn crisps.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Lady Madonna (see how they run…)
Image hosted by
I live by the river…
Image hosted by

After seeing my fellow American, who paid $15 to go into to a church (f* that), I got myself a cup of tea and went to the park, how quaint.

I tore into Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, kind of creepy given it’s a book about magic in London and the sky looked like this.
Image hosted by

This goose was trying to figure out how to break free from the fence. I couldn’t help him. Also, the squirrels in the park are very aggressive and tried to attack me. As I tried to shoo a few away by kicking at them, a series of Europeans came up, and proceeded to pet/feed them. No wonder these squirrels are so aggressive, because of these insane Europeans.
Image hosted by

At last, a pub where I had nice Thanksgiving lunch for one.
Image hosted by

And in case a pint in a dirty pub makes one feel randy, these are in ever men’s room in London. Where are we? At a truck stop in the middle of nowhere Texas?
Image hosted by

The view from up here

Another sunny afternoon...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Hello London – There you are. You’re right there.

Image hosted by
I was really tired after I walked down this road, but it was SO worth it.

Image hosted by
I brought over some gifts for my hosts. Its not everyday you get your own room for 5 days for free in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Image hosted by
Here is what $300 in pounds looks like.

Image hosted by
There is Jamie Oliver on tele, during prime time.

Image hosted by
Here is the lovely person I came to visit. I miss this girl.

Time for a Silk Cut – more pictures to come…

Monday, November 21, 2005

new stokes video and IM

Fay and I went to a Strokes party last feb. We met David Cross there. I was trying to play cool and not let on that I knew who he was. Well, Fay ratted me out and David Cross called me an asshole. Then Julian proceeded to ask 'how did I find myself there' my only response being 'look dude, I am going to drink your beer and play your video games, uh ok?'

The new Stokes video had David Crtoss in it, so I had to IM Fay about it. Here's how the conversation went.

faycat: >^^<
Josef: omg new stroes video
david cross
faycat: juicebox?
Josef: y
faycat: whazzat?
Josef: u c yey?
its like they documented our party!
faycat: i don't understand what you're saying!
Josef: winamp
faycat: oh! ok
Josef: go watch the video
faycat: ok, in a few minutes
Josef: david cross and the strokes
hes in the vid
faycat: ah
Josef: ps
theres puking in it
faycat: uh oh
i don't know if i can do it then
Josef: ok
no worries
faycat: about when does it happen, so i'm prepared, i can look away

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Loretta Lynn on Google

I am the only person to have Loretta Lynn video footage on Google.

Hope the inna net cops don't bust me.

Going back to my country roots. Saw a special press screener of 'Walk the Line' last Friday. Given that its 2005 and this was made by Fox, it was ok, but no 'Coal Miner's Daughter.'

Going to see Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams tonight (membership has it's privileges). I also have tickets to see Jeff Tweedy solo Friday, but it's two hours upstate, and I don't have a car. Aaron's trying to figure it out. I don't have the time or energy to do an involved bus/train thing like we did for Loretta in CT. So why did I buy these tickets then? It was a mistake, I was so excited to have scored the tickets, I didn’t check that they were for Kingston and NOT NYC. I bought tickets to see Jeff Tweedy at the library a while back I also missed. oh well, there was always that News Years Eve show I made.

London Calling/I'm so bored with the USA

Next Tuesday.

London calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared - and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard,you boys and girls
London calling, now don't LECTURE us
Phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust
London calling, see we ain't got no swing
'Cept for the reign of that truncheon thing

Yankee soldier
He wanna shoot some skag
He met it in Cambodia
But now he can't afford a bag

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin
Engines stop running, but I have no fear
Cause London is drowning - I live by the river

Yankee dollar talk
To the dictators of the world
In fact it's giving orders
An' they can't afford to miss a word

I'm so bored with the U...S...A...
But what can I do?

London calling to the imitation zone
Forget it, brother, you can go at it alone
London calling to the zombies of death
Quit holding out - and draw another breath
London calling - and I don't wanna shout
But while we were talking I saw you NODDING out
London calling, see we ain't got no high
Except for that one with the yellowy eyes

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Engines stop running, the wheat is growing thin
A nuclear error, but I have no fear
Cause London is drowning - I, I live by the river

Yankee detectives
Are always on the TV
'Cos killers in America
Work seven days a week

Now get this
London calling, yes, I was there, too
An' you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!
London calling at the top of the dial
And after all this, won't you give me a smile?
London Calling

Move up Starsky
For the C.I.A.
Suck on Kojak
For the USA

I never felt so much ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE

Never mind the stars and stripes
Let's print the Watergate Tapes
I'll salute the New Wave
And I hope nobody escapes

I'm so bored with the U...S...A...
But what can I do?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

10 Web moments that changed the world

In celebration of the Webby’s 10th Year, they’ve taken a look back at 10 Web moments that changed the world. I was directly involved with number 7 and 8 . #1 hit a lot of us.

The irony of this list is I was working PR for the Webbies when I met the Napster guys, and that eventually led to me working there.

Of course I had to blog about this!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Someone else made my face for Halloween

That's OK, mine looked way better. I still don't have any pictures from that night. Hopefully some will surface soon. Prob show up on Myspace if they do.

I am listening to the new Film School, and its really good.

I hate the The Decemberists

They suck and I wish they would go away.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

Funny things I am saying today


"well motherfucker's got it going on"

"plus, it's october"

"world series of love baby"

"you guys are idiots"

"lake tahoe"

"please don't take my picture"

"and it lasted all day"

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I got sent/picked up some pretty intense and crazy records in the past 2 weeks. I can’t stop listening to these:

Antony and the Johnsons
Deer Hoof

I am going to see Antony and the Johnsons at Carnegie Hall on Thursday. The guy has a pretty interesting story with a soulful/sad voice. He also tends to dress as a woman.

Deerhoof reminds me of some of the craziest music I used to listen to living in SF. This is something like their 4th album, and I had never really paid attention before now. Great record.
I think the Castanets are a better Devendra Banhart. They are on Sufjan Stevens’ label, so there must be some association there.

Speaking of Mr. Stevens, Kimz and I went to see him play an intimate show at Symphony Space. The theater was the size of a small indie movie theater. Sufjan had rearranged his songs with an orchestra. The show was a bit awkward, cuase the band is used to playing in clubs, with more rock instruments. Craig was as awesome as ever.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Let's give em something to blog about.

Or nothing at all really.

Mark and Katie have been in town, so I've spent some QT with them. I lived with Katie in LA for about 4 months. They kind of put me in touch with a number of good people when I got here to NYC. So seeing them brings it all back home cause they left about 2 months after I got here. They are now trying to convince me to move back to LA. Not sure about that, anytime soon.

And I hate hearing people eat in the office.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Best week ever

-Chili Cheese Dog
-Whitestripes/The Shins/Brenden Benson
-More beer
-Gus the Dog!
-Goodbye Taura
-Marvs the cat!
-Bob Dylan
-The Hotel Chelsea
-Death Cab with free vodka!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Wolf Parade. First listen. Stream of consciousness review.

We got the record here. 3 songs in – I don’t hear the power like I heard for those other bloc party/arcade fire releases of yore. And this dude does this david brine impression. Did the talking heads take over for the gang of four for new bands to rip off from? If I hear one more talking heads vocal rip off bands I think I am just going to stop listening.

This sounds kinda french kicky to me. It also seems like this is the type of band you need to see live to get. So I’ll hold off until I see them on Oct. 28 before declaring a sufjan stevens level obsession or writing them off.

But what I really can’t stop thinking about is the shins/white stripes/brenden benson show I saw at Coney Island on Sat. night. All 3 bands sounded better than I had ever heard them sound before. Our section was insane and alive. That was the best day I’ve had since I moved to NYC.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita...why oh why...

Houston Residents Scrambling Out of City; Interstates at standstill for 100 miles...

My family was stuck in this (and may still be for all I know). Except my sister, my stubborn sister. She's staying. God bless Robyn.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Goodbye to MK

I don't usually cover lame celeb stuff on this blog, as there are enough of those already.

That being said, I found this picture online. It's a full building projected image of a goodbye to MK. It's funny because I walk past this intersection everyday (on the days I make it home). I've highlighted 13th St. and the red arrow points towards my apartment. (so come and get me stalkers).

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pants did something funny on Myspace

I can't stop laughing!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Actually get a human

Need to get a hold of a human customer service rep and don’t want to sift through menu after menu? Let this guide help you

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jandek in New York.

I did not see Jandek when he was in town, and I really don’t care.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Labor Day = > Austin

I went to Austin for Labor Day on a whim at the suggestion of Ali and Nate.

The night before I left, whooped it up with Melz, her bf and Sean. All three had once lived in Austin. Melz and I went to college in Austin together.

Ah, Austin:

I stayed with Doo Koo. It was like the summer of 2002 all over again, except we both have kind of grown up.

I think I had 4 days of BBQ, with one of the meals at Stubbs

with the Bells of Joy

Ali got her sister to come out from DC too.

Ah, Austin.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Alex Chilton has been found

Not to marginalize this tragedy, it just seems the Big Star leader's whereabouts have been the talk of many a blog. Thought I'd post this to get it out there and indexed.

Alex Chilton has been found

To that point, I live in NYC and have been in Austin all weekend. My 5 or so LA. friends' families are all ok (thank GOD!). My family in Houston sent food to the Astrodome. My sister worked at the Dome all weekend.

I was lucky enough to go to Nawlins (as I call it) 3 times in 1999. It really is one of the best places in the world, and this hurricane breaks my fucking heart. Fuck.

I've asked what I can really do to those I know who are doing. I've been told to give dough. Luckily, I work for a huge corp that is matching employee funds and I gave what I could.

God bless those who have lost everything.

I love Austin

I am here now. It feels good. Have had so much meat and sun I am in shock. I will have pictures up soon.

I feel a bit guilty for being on vacation so close to tragedy. I love my sister who is doing extra hours working at the Astrodome. She's just moved in with her long term boyfriend, and I am just so happy/proud of her.

I heard from the nieces a few days ago as I sent them Hillary Duff cds and dvds. The 5 yr old loves her.

This trip has really let me know my age, and it feels kind of nice.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Most of my friends, all here on my desk top

The phenom that is IM. I am here, in my cube, working away. Funny that I have these boxes, that tell people I am here, just ready to chat. Some people I call, see, e-mail all the time. Others who live far away, places I've lived, places I've never been. People I drop in from time to time, people I never talk to, just hang there on my screen. Old bosses, but no ex loves. Insane to really think there all these people I know, who I can just chat away with, like I am at the bar at any momement during my work day. Too bad I can't drink and smoke at the desk.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Earth – how cool.

Everyone should check out Google Earth. It’s amazingly super rad.

Here’s a satellite picture of my apt in NYC. The red circle is my patio.

Here’s a satellite picture of my childhood home. The red circle is my house.