Thursday, August 25, 2005

Most of my friends, all here on my desk top

The phenom that is IM. I am here, in my cube, working away. Funny that I have these boxes, that tell people I am here, just ready to chat. Some people I call, see, e-mail all the time. Others who live far away, places I've lived, places I've never been. People I drop in from time to time, people I never talk to, just hang there on my screen. Old bosses, but no ex loves. Insane to really think there all these people I know, who I can just chat away with, like I am at the bar at any momement during my work day. Too bad I can't drink and smoke at the desk.


katie said...

I have some vodka in my drawer if you want it. Gotta have my emergency stash.

Red Star Nezzie said...

how many friends do you have?!!!!!!!!!!!