Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shawn says I need to update this everyday to get an active readership

So I will try.

I am trying to kick sugar as part of this program for my current project. Something to goal set against. Something to have control of. Something to track progress on that actually means something to me and only me.

Supposedly (according to this book I have) we are addicted to sugar. Everything has some type of refined carb (= sugar) in it. Bagel for breakfast = sugar. Sandwich or pizza for lunch = sugar. Mash potatoes with dinner = sugar.

I started to monitor my sugar/carb intake 5 days ago. The program says to go sugar free for 2 weeks to kick the sugar addiction. So that means no carbs, no booze, no fruit and then after 2 weeks, they can be reintroduced. As for booze, only red wine in moderation.

I'd give myself a B for my efforts thus far. I am really dizzy and in turn cranky. Hopefully this will pass after 2-3 more days.


faycat said...

yes, you need to update everyday. hello?! don't you have awesome stuff to say about last night?!

Karri said...

I'm an active readership :)

karilyn said...

everyone seems to be doing this no sugar thing... i don't know that i could even begin doing it - no potatos? what about carrots?

and i read every few days or so..