Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thanks Shane for my Joe-Fro pic

Best b-day present eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We went to Blue Hill Stones Barn for my birthday.

Here is my review on Chowhound. There have been 8 comments so far. Pictures below.

Went to Blue Hill last night to celebrate my 30th. The atmosphere was pleasant, it was nice to be out of NYC and on a farm.

We each ordered the 3 course tasting. I was about to jump at the Farmer's 7 course tasting where the menu is prepared just for you and off menu, but the entire table has to order that way.

I started with a yummy pickled ramp gin martini. Had never had anything like this before.
First two tasters were a pork breaded cutlet on a stick, and a mini 'burger' of beat paste on crunchy dough.

We then received mixed greens with a 'farmers' egg - something they are known for. Dreamy medium boiled then breaded deep fried egg. Have no idea how they did this, amazing.

Next I had the hake in pea and asparagus sauce. This was the some of the best piece of fish I have ever eaten. The peas were sweet and the asparagus was crunchy. When i had eaten most of the solids, I has a nice fresh green fish soup. My girlfriend has the gnocchi with the morels. She said it was great.

By this time, we had ordered a half bottle of the Borarolo. A nice complement (I like bold wines), but a bit spend-y for a half bottle ($52).

Next up was the third course: she had the chicken and I had the veal. Her chicken was succulent, and I had never had a chicken breast as dense as this before. Such strong flavor and a nice crisp on the skin.

But oh no - my veal. Center was really tough. I confirmed with the presentation waiter that this was in fact the veal, and he could see that I was only eating around the center, so he took it away, handed me a menu and said - select something else with no hesitation. I felt bad, given you see everything your about to eat as you drive in. So to think, this was messed up somewhere along the way to end up as waste didn't sit well with me. I will probably never eat veal again.

The veal was replaced with the Berkshire pork. Quite tasty, and dense meat (like the chicken) with a side of pork belly/bacon? The pork was over salted (and I like salty pork) and the belly/bacon was cold. The meat was on top of something like hominy that had very little flavor. Over all, the two 'land' proteins were a disappointment.

For desert I had a rhubarb compote with goat cheese and fresh honey. Great flavor profile. The cheese was almost like ice cream (waitress called it their cheesecake). We also had cappuccinos, which were also excellent.

Given the effort to get there, and the disappointment in the two proteins, it will be a long time before we will go back. I am really happy we went, and the meal will definitely be something to remember, just wish the middle of the meal hadn't been derailed.

Here are some lovely pictures of the food and the place. (Its beautiful in Terrytown.

jack doing this to meg in the icky thump video kind of creeps me out


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Must burn camo green Crocks my mom sent me for my birthday last year.

I know I am an influencer, but this is too much.

Sorry Mom, I know you live in Bush country, but this crosses even my line of influencing bad taste.

I'm keeping my pearl snap shirts though.(Thanks Melissa!) Would even love to get more short sleeve ones.

Young Hearts be free tonight

I am not his son.

and I did not throw a brick at anyone.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's been going on?

I just dumped 2 weeks worth of cell phone pictures into flickr. We've been doing tons of stuff given how nice the weather had been.

I saw the Faint the Sunday before Memorial Day. I hadn't seen them since they opened for No Doubt with Nissa in San Jose.

We went to Moncia's birthday/going away party last Saturday. They're moving to Boston because she got into Harvard.

I had an NYU reception on Tuesday and here is a picture of the presidential bathroom.

Since I was in the west village, the little lady and I went to Eno for dinner. Their egg truffle toast is to die for.

Wednesday night, we made meatballs and cabbage.

And given that Katz's may close soon, and I was in the LES on Thursday, I decided to bury the hatchet with the place and get my meat on. I got in a fight with their staff about 5 years ago and vowed never to go back. Really dumb, and I am happy to 'rediscover' the place.

This really is some of the yummiest beef I have ever had. There was so much meat I had the 2nd half for lunch the next day.

Susie and I had dinner at Dukes on Friday.

I didn't get a picture of it, but had the lobster roll at Buchon on Saturday. Considering they usually cost 20 bones at most NYC restaurants, this was a deal at $15 at a Keller establishment.

And of my favorite food outings in NYC - The Big Apple BBQ festival. It's great because Salt Lick comes up all the way from Texas!

After reviewing the pictures from all of the good food I've had in the past week, I will need to go on a diet before we head to Texas the first week in July.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

I shop at Urban Outfitters and like the Cure.

"You have some sense of style and decent musical appreciation, but there are some glaring holes in your hipster resume. Don't worry. In this case holes in your resume are a positive thing, because it is a job that you probably don't want."

Not as good as the hipster bingo card we saw like 4 years ago, in this weeks' TONY.

I don't think I was ever a hipster. Or if I was, I was really bad at it. I like having my own money and eating too much to have ever been a hipster. More like a music snob with a big appetite.

And yes, I may start using the word REGS, as in 'I am a REGular person.'

PS, I am moving to Greenpoint later this year.