Friday, June 01, 2007

I shop at Urban Outfitters and like the Cure.

"You have some sense of style and decent musical appreciation, but there are some glaring holes in your hipster resume. Don't worry. In this case holes in your resume are a positive thing, because it is a job that you probably don't want."

Not as good as the hipster bingo card we saw like 4 years ago, in this weeks' TONY.

I don't think I was ever a hipster. Or if I was, I was really bad at it. I like having my own money and eating too much to have ever been a hipster. More like a music snob with a big appetite.

And yes, I may start using the word REGS, as in 'I am a REGular person.'

PS, I am moving to Greenpoint later this year.

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