Friday, August 12, 2005

Anything/Red Wine

Last Thur - I see Sarah on my block. I have a bottle of red. She mentions that Red Red Wine was written by Neil Diamond.
Fri - I go to her club and I ask her to play Dramarama's Anything. She does.
Skip to last night (after a weird night, finally hook up w/ Fay for drinks at Black and White). No David Cross, no Strokes. Thank God.
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone by the Monkees (and written by Neil Diamond) comes on, and in the middle of the song I notice that a part of sounds like the yelling part in Anything (by Dramarama).
We go over to 119 by Irving Plaza after Black and White , and Dramarama comes on thier soundsystem followed by Neil Diamond. What's it all mean?


faycat said...

it means that Neil Diamond is god.

Karri said...

carrying the theme westward: last night I was talking about how I think the song Red Red Wine needs to go away forever. It's beyond not liking the song - I actually get angry when I hear it.