Friday, August 05, 2005

The best 5 rock records, according to me.

A real High Fidelity moment. As much as making lists are lame, they are fun too.

Built to Spill ‘Perfect From Now On’
I could’ve have said ‘Keep it Like a Secret,’ but I went with this one instead. The lyrics, song structures, guitar tones, all amazing. This is for when your heart meets brain (a kind of nasty place to be).

Iggy and the Stooges ‘Raw Power’
Sex, drugs, destruction. This is full on raw living. No heart, no brain.

Wilco ‘Yankee Foxtrot Hotel’
So introspective yet somehow psychedelic. All heart inside the brain. For most people, almost too much.

Neutral Milk Hotel ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’
Pure raw emotion. Living on the outside of relative sanity. This record connects with so many people. Almost too many.

T.Rex “Electric Warrior.”
Sexy, simple yet still complicated. I was watching ‘Born to Boogie’ w/ Miss Alia the other night, and we both came to the conclusion that Marc Bolan did it all when it comes to rock. Jimmy Page and Slash both crib from Bolan’s style sheets. And while he did an amazing job with the whole pop image thing, he actually had great songs to back his shit up.

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