Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Loretta Lynn on Google

I am the only person to have Loretta Lynn video footage on Google.

Hope the inna net cops don't bust me.

Going back to my country roots. Saw a special press screener of 'Walk the Line' last Friday. Given that its 2005 and this was made by Fox, it was ok, but no 'Coal Miner's Daughter.'

Going to see Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams tonight (membership has it's privileges). I also have tickets to see Jeff Tweedy solo Friday, but it's two hours upstate, and I don't have a car. Aaron's trying to figure it out. I don't have the time or energy to do an involved bus/train thing like we did for Loretta in CT. So why did I buy these tickets then? It was a mistake, I was so excited to have scored the tickets, I didn’t check that they were for Kingston and NOT NYC. I bought tickets to see Jeff Tweedy at the library a while back I also missed. oh well, there was always that News Years Eve show I made.

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Katie said...

Yeah, you can't beat Coal Miner's Daughter. I'm afraid that I'll be disappointed by Walk the Line especially considering the legend surrounding the Cash relationships. But I heard it was "better-than-Ray." Not hard. Ray shot smack. I get it.