Monday, November 21, 2005

new stokes video and IM

Fay and I went to a Strokes party last feb. We met David Cross there. I was trying to play cool and not let on that I knew who he was. Well, Fay ratted me out and David Cross called me an asshole. Then Julian proceeded to ask 'how did I find myself there' my only response being 'look dude, I am going to drink your beer and play your video games, uh ok?'

The new Stokes video had David Crtoss in it, so I had to IM Fay about it. Here's how the conversation went.

faycat: >^^<
Josef: omg new stroes video
david cross
faycat: juicebox?
Josef: y
faycat: whazzat?
Josef: u c yey?
its like they documented our party!
faycat: i don't understand what you're saying!
Josef: winamp
faycat: oh! ok
Josef: go watch the video
faycat: ok, in a few minutes
Josef: david cross and the strokes
hes in the vid
faycat: ah
Josef: ps
theres puking in it
faycat: uh oh
i don't know if i can do it then
Josef: ok
no worries
faycat: about when does it happen, so i'm prepared, i can look away

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katie said...

I lurv David Cross. Chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie.