Monday, September 26, 2005

Wolf Parade. First listen. Stream of consciousness review.

We got the record here. 3 songs in – I don’t hear the power like I heard for those other bloc party/arcade fire releases of yore. And this dude does this david brine impression. Did the talking heads take over for the gang of four for new bands to rip off from? If I hear one more talking heads vocal rip off bands I think I am just going to stop listening.

This sounds kinda french kicky to me. It also seems like this is the type of band you need to see live to get. So I’ll hold off until I see them on Oct. 28 before declaring a sufjan stevens level obsession or writing them off.

But what I really can’t stop thinking about is the shins/white stripes/brenden benson show I saw at Coney Island on Sat. night. All 3 bands sounded better than I had ever heard them sound before. Our section was insane and alive. That was the best day I’ve had since I moved to NYC.

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