Monday, November 27, 2006


Before leaving for Texas for 5 days, Susie took me to a Shag art opening. These were the hottest pictures.

Gramps picked me up from the airport and took me for some BBQ

I went to Austin for a few days to visit Alia and Shane in from Frisco, and got to hang with Shawn and Lindsay as well.
We went to Common Interest to do some karoke.
Alia slayed with ‘Common People’ (at Common Interest – har har)

I did Heart’s ‘Alone.’

Froggies in Shane’s moms back yard.

Shane’s mom’s dog was nice and slept in the bed with me.

I went back to Houston with Ron and Sara. I spent most of Wednesday with the nieces.
Shopping at the mall:


Lainie crusing the streets of Sugarland

Ron and Sara came over for Thanksgiving.

Over all it was a nice time in Texas. I flew JetBlue, and boy did JetBlue blow.
My plane home was 6 hours delayed due to software malfunction. I finally got home at 11 on Friday.

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Also, Shake Shack's closing in FOUR days!