Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another trip to California.

We just got back from California where we saw some good friends, ate some good food, and just palled around in the sun. The weather went from ok/crappy to great. But, I prefer ok/crappy out there to ok/crappy here (snow in April anyone?!?)

Here are some shots from my camera cell phone to better round out some of the story.
We had Delfina pizza. It was as good or better than anything I can find in NYC. For real.

Brocalli rabe pie:

Sausage Fennel pie

Afterwards we stopped by the new Bi-Rite creamery and had the most amazing salted caramel ice cream. To die for.

I saw this on the street. Don’t know what it is.

I will have more pictures from hanging out with the friends at Zeitgeist and from palling around the city on Friday. Let’s just say Racer 5 IPA is stronger than the average beer, and should be had with caution.

It’s a Moore tradition to eat at Hunan, so we did.

And a plant head from target garden center in Napa.

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