Sunday, July 01, 2007

This device rocks

I've hated every cell phone I ever got from Sprint, and always hated the day I had to get a new one because I always felt I was going to get ripped off. But calls connected, no matter where I was. I've moved alot since I got my Sprint account post college.

I've never owned a Mac, but my little lady, dad and a few informed friends swear by Jobs, his software and hardware. The things just work. I've owned 4 ipods (2 paid for - 2 freebees - one stolen, one left on a plane, and 2 that still work)

So on Friday, I decided what the hey, I'll go down to the ATT&T store 6 blocks from my house, wait and see. If I get one, I do, if I don't I don't.

Cell phone stores are notoriously crap. There was very little movement in the hour I had waited. No matter how crazy Apple stores are, you can get your product fast. Jobs knows retail. I found out the crazies who waited in line for days had cleared at the Apple store in SoHo and decided to head over there. Lock and loaded, no turning back dude.

I had dinner plans, so didn't jump on the set up ASAP. Got home and activated the account via iTunes. No dice, bed time, it'll work itself out while I sleep. I woke up the next morning, account activated, problem solved.

I now have 2 cell phone plans. I'll cancel Sprint after I feel enough of my regular peeps have the new number. I'll pay the early termination fee and most sadly, lose my San Francisco based number. The number that has defined me during my 20s. I turned 30 last week. New decade, new number. A NYC based number. A big boy number.

So I played with the phone all day yesterday. And it does everything I want it to do. And its the best thing I've ever bought. And it's worth more than what I paid for it (its worth closer to the price of a good lap top - but if it cost that much, I probably wouldn't have bought it)

I can take pictures and drop them into my flickr account. Text, instant email, call people, read my Bloglines (much better when I am in a wi-fi zone - EDGE SUCKS), listen to the Talking Heads, watch some random free crap I found in ITunes, listen to an NPR podcast, get weather reports from all over the country, check stock reports, all pretty much by dragging my finger across a screen. I am not as excited for this (even though its great), but what the future holds. This is the beginning of the on the go, always connected device.

And if that scares you, like in a 1984 kind of way, you can always turn the thing off.

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melissa said...

congratulations! i guess one day i'll start texting.