Sunday, September 30, 2007

Having fun this weekend.

Its been a crappy couple of weeks. Work stuff is bumming me out. And TW Cable won't give me cable internets and thats a bummer too. I've wasted so much time trying to get the innernets.

I had a horrible accounting mid term on Friday morning.
After class we went and had Mexican food at our favorite place and then went to the bar we met at.

My friend Marshall's CD was in the juke box.

We took a cab home.

On Saturday, I had school again.
Then we met up in the 'burg for pizza and calzone.

We went to Dumont for brunch today. They have the best burgers in Brooklyn. Maybe all of NYC?

If work doesn't work out, I may go into fixing lat's. That's cool.

I've played with alot of nice dogs today. Landlord won't let us have a dog. There are three BTs at this bar I am using the innnernets at. They are playing Steely Dan and Supertramp.

I am in heaven.

Once I finish my work, we're going to see The Darjeeling Limited. I was in India one year ago this weekend. I wish I could go back. But I have to go do other things right now.

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faycat said...

That pizza looks really good. I'm hungry. Next time you go to Dumont let me know! As long as it's not a concert Sunday...