Sunday, March 09, 2008

A lot to celebrate/we get what we want

Alot has been going on, kind of like expected, but one never knows until things pan out. I got my final pay out from the last company I worked for and was made an offer for a new job (a good offer, a job I want, at a company I like).

The lil lady suggested we celebrate. A plate of tacos and a 6 pack of Corona always seems like the way to go and would make us happy. But we decided to go to the best place we could think of.

So I booked Jean Georges for Friday night.

Not really the type of place you take pictures, but I snuck in 2.
The Lobster

The desert plate

Oh my goodness. This really was the best meal of my life. And for how much a fancy meal can set you back in the city, it really wasn't that ridiculous. Not for everyone, and not for everyday, but definitely a meal I will continue to dream of.

We also bought a bed frame, something I've wanted for years. All of the beds I'd seen were either too expensive or too ugly or to cheap. To quote Goldilocks, this one was just right.

One sacrifice I've had to make with all of the life change is not being able to go to SXSW this year. I thought I would have the time, so I used a voucher and dropped a few hundred dollars on a plane ticket. I called United on Friday to cancel, and was told I would have to eat $400 on the ticket. SO DON'T FLY UNITED. THEY TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT! If you find a cheap deal, use them, but certainly DON'T COUNT ON UNITED.

I've been seeing bunch of flyers on Facebook and the blogosphere as to all of the fun my tech friends are having this week and music friends will have next week. Maybe next year...who knows. I've done it for 10 years, but haven't been back in 4. I may be eating $400 on the plane ticket, but would loose alot more than that in pay if I ditched on my 2nd to last week at this job.

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antonio said...

congratulations, yo!

i had the tacos and Corona in your honor.

SXSW will be there next year.