Saturday, March 12, 2005

Record shopping in the east village/hanging art

I just took a walk this morning. There is this antique shop on 4th ave that always has amazing stuff. I stop to ask how much a pew out front is. $500. OK, well maybe not today, but I saw a pile of records. Being that I have a record player and no TV, I am always on the lookout for great records. I was able to pick up Neil Young's out of print electro record called Trans on eBay this week for $2.

Living with Michelle was great because she had great records that I sorely miss. So back to this antique shop, and replacing records that I used to listen to living with Michelle. I was able to pick up the Cars s/t and The Stones "Emotional Rescue" a record I would have casted off before getting into one night (morning?) with Phil in Michelle's kitchen. I also found Ace Freeley's solo record with New York Groove. Michelle put this on a great comp. It's my theme song right now. One of KISS' over looked gems. I also picked up Bruce's Nebraska, cause it was in good condition, and it's really the only Bruce I can listen to start to finish. I got scammed on Ray Charles' Love+Genius=Jazz, as the record wasn't in the slipcase. I got a good piece of art for the wall though.

Speaking of art on the walls, I've finally started hanging some of thier pieces I've collected over the years, to make this place feel more like home.


Marcela Vergara said...

The art is all for me, I think that you have really nice pictures ...

Red Star Nezzie said...

hey-- I have that modest mouse poster.