Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A blog update: My last week.

Here's an IM conversation I just had:

"liamck: Update your blog.
liamck: Last entry was over a week ago.
Justger: ha ha
Justger: ok I will
Justger: make puta en dere
liamck: Fart Mouse Fart Mouse Fart Mouse Fart Mouse"

Friday - Met up with Sean. Taco Friday! F* yea.
Made it into the Ponys show. Had to pull some shit scam at the door to get in and then borrow $20 from Nicki who put my name was on the list but then it wasn't. Ponys were good (as usual). Met up with Aaron and sister Nancy and went to Sarah's club and then like 4 other places.

Saturday - woke up at 11:30am feeling a bit out of it based on Friday night's shenanigans and made it over to Sean's to get to Siren.

Siren Festival reviews:
Be your own pet - saw the night before with the Ponys. Eh.
The Dears - much better live then on record. Their records just make me want to put on a my Ipod mix of Pulp/Blur/The Verve.
Drink beer back stage and take a walk with Sean. Don’t really see anything, head back.
Get a call from Miss W. to meet up at Siren. She came in for Q and Not U. She made sure I didn’t burn.
She takes off after Q and not U and I go backstage for more free beer. I then met up with Danny from work, his ladyfriend and her friend who also moved here from SF. We kinda know people who know the same people. Myspace live event!
I pop up to watch 2/3 of Brenden Benson's set. He opens with 'Be Myself Again' and then goes into 'Always be Good To Me,' a song with special memories.
I hear Tiny Spark and Spit It Out from behind the stage, but no Gold Into Straw, his best song ever.
I then take Danny over to meet up with Mates of State. They are pumped and ready to rock a full crowd. They play 3 new songs, one of them a very obvious ROCK song. That was cool. I head back over to stage 1 to see the last of Spoon. I get to hear 6 Spoon songs, none of which are Paper Tiger or Camera, shucks. But I do get to hear 30 Gallon Tank, an oldie from my KVRX days.
I help the Mates load the van and then hitched a ride into the city. I had the most disgusting fried chicken with russian dressing sandwich.

I went to see Happy Endings with my cuz after a cheap San Francisco type cafe breakfast. Happy Endings has a lot of....Happy Endings. The rest of the day was chill, cooked dinner and watched Citizen Kane with a new friend.

Nothing happened on Monday except the steak I cooked for dinner and the viewing of To Catch a Thief. The main character is referred to Robie the Cat, and the dude helping him out goes by the name of Houston. I love finding those funny coincidences.

Today was hell, but I got through it. I ended up in foreign parts of Brooklyn early this morning, mislead to one courthouse, finding the other. I got my ticket dismissed. Then had to head to the accountant in Chelsea to work through some IRS issues from 2003. Let's just say I got all of the information that prompted today's multiple actions the weekend after my birthday. Let's also just say things are taken care of, and I think things are going to be ok.

Here is some new music I've been getting at work: John Vanderslice, the Death Cab single and Gravy Train!!! Between Siren and what I've been listening to at work, it's like Austin/ San Francisco redux.


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