Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I turn my camera phone on (and general update)

Back in January I went to Vegas for CES. I mentioned that here before, but I never posted pictures. I had my olde timey camera, but wasn't feeling it...I was dog tired from all the work (and play, heh). I took a few cell phone pictures, which always look crappy, but will provide some memories.

I took a trip to olde Vegas because new Vegas is so expensive and cheesy. Turns out, they've killed half of what you see in the pictures (the smoking cowboy, etc.) and the Horseshoe has turned into something else. they also placed a huge concrete dome over the area to make an open air mall. Basically an open air mall of shit.
Here are a few neon signs, but the area is really sad. Our cab driver said that they are about to renovate the area and make it all new Vegas-y. The days of Elvis and the rat Pack are long gone.
vegas 2
vegas 1

I was staying at the Saharah, which is cheap and gross, and I love it. The Beatles played there. And they have $5 tables, which are hard to find in new Vegas. It's basically the last of olde Vegas, but close to new Vegas. It'll prob be gone or renovated in 5 years.

The Saharah also had a cheesy 60s cover band, which ruled.
vegas lounge band

Susie and I went to see Peter Bjorn and John at the Bowery Ball room last week. We scored a table up top, so we got to relax and not have to deal with the potential of a shithead being a shithead right by us.
peter bjorn john
We liked the show, even through the blogosphere seemed not to. And the whistling on Young Folks was canned. I didn't really care.
peter bjorn john
The last cell phone picture is of the dancing cupcakes from the Cupcake Cafe on 18th street. We had a snack there this weekend when we went shopping. For some reason I was craving butter cream, so we ended up here for a good cupcake.

butta cream

We're going to the Westminster Dog show tonight at Madison Square Garden. The Boston Terrier was beat out by a poodle (geez louise) in his category last night, so no BT's in the best off show category. We'll be in the nosebleeds, but still should be fun.

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