Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We went to the Dog show to see us some PPFLs

First of all, it's really, really cold outside today

Susie and I went to the 131st annual Westminster dog show last night at Madison Square Garden.
What's great about this show, if you get there early enough you can walk around and mingle with the talent in the bench section.

Big Puffy Dog in a cage

Here they are setting up for the show.


Best in Show line up

Video of Best in Show

I got some new frames I ordered off the internet. Both are drastically different from each other. I'll get lenses put in them this weekend. What do you think?


Susie said...

"Mingle with the talent..."


El Sew Toe said...

ok man you know I love you but the second pair make you look like more of a pompous ass. My vote is for the Sol Moscots: photo #1!!! Yeah!!!

kryssa said...

you can sport just about any frame josef, but i'm going with #1....