Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Decemberists

Last night the little lady took me to New Jersey to see The Decemberists. I had never been a fan thinking that Colin just was a poor man's Ben Gibbard with John Vanderslice's voice doing a bad They Might Be Giants thing. I had seen them at Noise Pop 2004 in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall. At that time I thought, "These guys are just too dorky - I can never like them." Next time I saw them was when Hari got me into the Death Cab Central park show as a VIP. Given my previous impression, I didn't really pay attention.

Then, along came Susie. She's a fan.

decemberists jersy city 3_21

I really have no room to talk about someone being too dorky. Last night was the first time I really paid attention to their live show. I had given them a second chance after listening to (and get this - enjoying) 'The Crane Wife.' I'm glad I was treated to the show. We had a great time, had great seats and the crowd was high energy. Its a damn shame this isn't top 40 music, cause it deserves to be all over the radio (whatever that is).

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