Monday, May 02, 2005

Cause Jenny's got a big olde butt

I took Jen (from SF) to Burger Joint, a super secret low key burger joint in the Paker Maridian for dinner tonight. You just kind of have to know where it is to get there. 2 AMAZING cheese burgers, fries and 2 beers for $23.

We (finally) get a seat after we order our food at the counter. All of these weird dudes in suits and earpieces are there. We're sitting there shooting the shit, and I look up and ask Jen, "Is that J.Lo's butt? Cause that's Marc Anthony next to it" J.Lo's butt was basically in Jen's face (the BJ is SMALL - it is NYC). They walk out, and all the weird dudes in suits also leave. We enjoyed our burgers and brews in peace. Fun fun.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a classic Robey moment.

Melissa said...

If I lived in NYC or LA, I would never see celebrities, but you, you see them ALL THE TIME.