Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bank of America SUX

Bank of America –

I’ve been a customer of Bank of America for over 13 years now. I always thought your services were adequate, but in recent months I have become increasingly frustrated with your organization.

I checked my account balance today and noticed that I was charged an $11.99 fee for identity protection service that resulted in an overdraft fee (I don’t want to get into the BS about charging for such a service – as it’s your duty to protect my identity.) I don’t remember signing up for this service, only accepting a free credit report. Free month trials are designed as a deceptive practice in hopes that customers who were duped into signing up (as I was) will forget – and said businesses can charge away (which you have).

Basically, I feel this was a deceptive practice, and I feel that YOU ROBBED ME. I am now out almost $50 from a sloppy and deceptive communications error.

I find your customer service to be useless. The handful of times I have called to inquire about a transaction and rectify a dispute I’ve been told ‘Sorry’ and that’s about it. I’ve also been told that I only have only so many desk transactions on my account, and that I would need to pay a fee to deposit a check.

Basically you are telling me that you don’t want me as a customer and that I should take my money else where. I wish you would have just called me a few years ago and saved me the anguish while you continued to rob me.

I feel that you have constructed your business practices around deception in order to take more and more from your customers. Businesses rip off their customers all the time, but since you are so closely tied to my finances and my credit, I can no longer continue to have this happen. I am looking for a new bank.

I’ve started asking friends who they bank with and I have found that no one I know uses BoA. I am going to extend this survey by posting this on my blog and on message boards. I am going to STRONGLY encourage everyone I know to never consider banking with Bank of America and suggest that those people I meet that do bank with you to leave.


Olive Wood said...

I used to bank with BoA until about 12 years ago when I quit in a very similar circumstance. Since then I've banked with a credit union, which I love to pieces. There are no branches here (it's based in Washington DC), and I have to mail checks to deposit them. But all that is barely an inconvenience compared to BoA.

Also, my cards from the credit union don't charge international transaction fees when I travel. BoA's cards charge 3%. They really do suck. I'm sorry this has happened to you.

Melissa said...

I recommend WaMu . . . they are very socially responsible.

R.T. McCarthy said...

How does this sound? I paid a bill through 'Bill Pay'. I paid $40.00, but BofA paid $4000.00, and then BLAMED ME! Now they want to charge me over $350.00 in bounced check fees! I asked that the fees be waived, but the CSR all but laughed at me. They told me to 'deposit the refund check' from the comapny and then they'll look into it. Looks like I'm going to be closing out my accounts tomorrow and going elsewhere!

R.T. McCarthy said...
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