Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Go see Mark, katie and Jay's movie - The Puffy Chair!

If you live in DC, Austin, Portland, Boston or Frisco, you should check out Mark and Katie's movie. (LA next week, New York the week after). Hit up Moviefone to find showtimes (playing in a legit movie house!!)

I lived on Katie's couch in LA for about 4 months and used to manage Mark's band - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!!

Ebert and Roper gave it 2 thumbs up this past week, and it won something at Sundnace and SXSW.


Commonplace said...

i seen it...it's gooood. fuuuuny.

FreeThinker said...

2 thumbs up by FreeThinker too. I watched "The Puffy Chair" recently, enjoyed it much better than that other mainstream movie about "The Break-Up."