Sunday, June 18, 2006


As part of the 29th year celebrations, I made a reservation for the 6 of us at Peter Luger’s. Supposedly being the best steak house in the country, they also supposedly have one of the best burgers known to man. They only serve the burger at lunch, so those are the reservations I made.

A cocktail to start

Butter w/ a side of bread

The menu (a porterhouse for 2 is $77)

Josh and Fay ventured for the steak (so glad they did!) while Monica, Susie, Aaron and I went for the burger.
Look at the blood on that burger!

That’s a piece of bacon.

The steak gets presented! (look at Josh’s face!)


Half way there

Creamed spinach

Coffee and coins for desert

Did you see the china pattern with the ships? That is so cool.

Over all, was this the best burger and steak house in the world? Doesn’t really matter. The trip was definitely an experience. I went deaf when I took the first bite of the burger. It was an overwhelming meat experience, not unlike the first few times I went to
The Salt Lick (which Susie and I got the sample at the Big Apple BBQ fest last weekend.

Time to go back on South Beach.

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