Sunday, January 20, 2008

He asks. He gets.

I've started blogging about my all time favorite records put out in my life time.

It has been hard. A few days of self doubt. Magnetic Fields and Cat Power have new records that are phenomenal. Wow, their early records changed my life and why didn't I put them on the list? And ELO? I love them as much as (or more?) than the Talking Heads and the Cars. Wings and The Cure too.

Because I discovered these records after I accepted that I am music snob. or I don't really know. All I know is the first list was hard to put together and I listened to those CDs, tapes and mp3s like there was no tomorrow. I wish I could have included L7 and Skid Row too.

Its freezing today (actually below freezing.) I know if Susie and I hung out at the place we would have gone at each other like cats and dogs, so I devised this plan to grab a bite at the local pub. After we had a few Bloody Mary's and played a round of Scrabble I suggested we go to the little 'we're on the verge of being the hip record store in a recently gentrified neighborhood' record store looking for the BetaBand's 3 eps. I think I heard a song of their's in an ad and it won't leave my head.

I start flipping though the vinyl and right away I find ELO's 'Out of the Blue' FOR 5 DOLLARS. Daniel recently played me his recently repressed copy. He paid $25 for it. Heh.

And there she was waiting for me.

Basically this record (this copy, on vinyl) has been like $50+ for the last 20 years. Appetite has sold more than 20 million copies wold wide. There were 25,000 of these things made, 20 YEARS AGO. I now own one. Today is a great day.

I blogged about my favorite 30 records this week, included Appetite in that list, and got the hardest copy of it known to man today for 20 bucks. This never happens.

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