Saturday, January 05, 2008

So this is the new year...

Well we're 5 days into it. And alot's already happened.

We got home from Seattle late Wednesday night. I had a final due on Friday. This was my last assignment as an official MBA student and I wasn't doing so well in the class. We got some noodles from the local Chinese shop that night. I woke up not feeling so hot, but had to push it into the city to drop of the final before heading into the office.

Shouldn't have had those noodles. Some burny/foamy yucky pushed its way out and onto Houston on my way to the office. Before I could get a cup of coffee too! What's up with that!

What they say about the rain and coffee in Seattle is right. We had a great time. Got in on the 27th and stayed at the Moore Hotel. We then went to stay with a friend for a day before heading to Portland.

Portland was great, just as I had imagined. We stayed at the Deluxe. I highy recommend it. We banged up Powell's books. Also highly recommended. We had some yummy weird donuts at a famous place that crushes up candy bars onto donuts. Yum.

Seattle was also filled with books and donuts. We banged up Elliott Bay and Top Pot.

The library done up by Rem Koolhaus is a must see.

Cool carpets:

The Amsterdam library took a few queues from this library.


Susie and I rode on the zum zum zum

I rocked out with Jimi

We had a good time. We're back home and praying for an early Spring.


Antonio said...

you and me both, brah. food poisoning is the new black in 2008, we're the early adopters.

what's a better doughnut, Voodoo or Top Pot?

Josef said...

top pot is better in the morn, voodoo at night.

tuns out it was the stomach virus going around, not food poisoning. ugh.