Friday, January 18, 2008

The next batch of 6

Purple Rain – Prince
Prince made a whole movie on trying to write one song. All his life’s passion went into writing this song. I saw Prince on New Year’s eve at the Summit from 1998 into 1999. He did like a 4 hour set. Every song on this record is amazing.

Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith
As mentioned in the previous post I had a radio show. I used to tape my show, and Aaron sometimes would listen to the last 30 minutes when he would get up super early. The girl who had her show after me started her show off with Needle in the Hay. I got home and Aaron was so blown away he bought this record. We were in Paris a little after that and went to see him. By the time we got back to America he was pretty big and we went to see him at Liberty Lunch. Aaron buying this record started it all. When I lived in LA, I would see him hanging out at Spaceland. I really wish he didn’t die.

Illinoise - Sufjan Stevens
I saw him on the Michigan tour and made fun of the Boy Scout outfits. I then get to New York and throw a party where a Craig showed up. He said he was helping to make this record and that I should listen to it when came out, that it was going to be great. I got sent an early promo with Superman on the cover and put it on. And listened to it again and again.

Team Boo – Mate of State

I am biased. I was selling tshirts for the Mates right before they went to make this record. I heard HA HA every night for 2 weeks. I liked Mississippi and St Louis the best, mostly because the opening band hated these shows so much.
This record has such strong songs and was so well made, I am blown away every time I listen to it. ‘Middle is gold and gold does not forgive’

The Soft Bulletin – Flaming Lips

And it seemed to cause a chain reaction.
I saw one of the first shows of this tour. I’ve seen more iterations of this show (20+) then any other tour experience I’ve ever seen. For me, it was like going to the circus as an adult. Over the past 9 years, I’ve seen some iteration of what started at the beginning of this tour at least 3 times in each city I’ve lived in (and I’ve lived lots of places) Shit, does that make me a Lip head? A Flaming head? A fearless freak?

Nissa took me to the Yahoo Xmas party they played, and I grabbed Wayne’s boot begging him to play Xmas at the Zoo. He looked down and me and said ‘Josef, we don’t know that song any more, Ronald’s left the band!’

The Cars – The Cars
They could’ve made this album and called it thier greatest hits. I love this band so much I could cry.

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