Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Licensing International Expo 08

I just got back from the Licensing International Expo at the Javtiz center. I read something in the NY Times about old brands being bought by firms that then build the brands back up and this expo was mentioned. I looked it up and registered to attend.

Any time you hear anything about 'well so and so, well its just a BRAND" was represented at the expo. Really weird. Anything in a toy store or on a t-shirt. Was here.

Commentary on what I saw:

Besides Marlyn and Elvis, John Wayne and Jimi had booths. The guys talking shop were saying things like 'yeah, we have this big deal re-issue thing coming out...' I didn't see any Grateful Dead stuff, but come to think of it, their brand has kind of dwindled in the past five years. Or maybe I left San Francisco.

More rock and roll stuff

If you had a blockbuster movie out this summer, you had to have it in Lego!

I recognize this from the sugar breakfast cereal aisle, but I don't know his name.


They will put anything on a T-Shirt. FAIL.

More movie tie ins (old and new). Made me feel like I was in front of Mann's Chinese in Hollywood.

You know those cows they painted and put in all the cities? They had a booth here. I can just imagine this woman talking about what she does for a living "You know those cows they painted and put in all the cities? Well I license them! We can make you miniature ones for your shop! Make t-shirts, coffee mugs...whatever you'd like!"

Oh boy, GI JOE next summer. FAIL.



For Susie

The whole set of photos is here.

I love branding and feel like a fan boy for going and taking all these pictures. If you're in the biz...drop me a line.

FYI, the folks who rep Paris Hilton's brand also rep The US Army AND L.L. Bean AND the WWF (as in the World Wild Life Fund) - if you care.

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Alia McKee and Shane Scott said...

I read that article too. And then I bought me some new Salon Selectives.

Shane and I sang the song all week long.