Sunday, June 15, 2008

The web and my platform(s) for obsession(s)

I've always been around computers and the web. I like to understand the medium, but not to out-geek you (I won't) or make mad cash (I'm cursed by my family - I'm sure multiple fortunes have slipped through my hands.)

I see this as a massive feedback loop. I kind of work in media, and the comments sections in articles have turned the world in which I work upside down.

I started this blog (and then moved onto other platforms) to keep in touch with my friends, and to geek out on products. I'm constantly trying to learn. That being said, my girlfriend inherently gets all of this much faster than I do, and is my bellwether when checking out new things.

I am doing the Friendfeed thing, and its cool, because it allows me to integrate my Flickr sets with my other web activities (mostly Tumblr - my favorite thing on the web since EBay.)

This week, I attempted to catalog 2 cool things on Flcikr that also feed into Friendfeed. The International Branding Expo (all the big brands just doing bang up business) and taking pictures of all of my ticket stubs. I even sent my ticket stub photo set to 15 friends via email. These are people I went to these shows with. I get next to no action on these sets. But I take a pretty picture of sushi I had for dinner tonight, and wamo bango. Comments galore.


Alia McKee and Shane Scott said...

I comment I comment I comment

Erica said...

Well, it IS very pretty sushi. And well composed and all.