Sunday, April 29, 2007 the garden

I tried to plant some seeds in my little plot of land on the patio last spring. It didn't really take. This being the east village, god knows what's really in that dirt.

Susie had been buying all sorts of great indoor plants for her place and we had been going through the Union Square green market most weekends since the weather has turned (somewhat) nice. I decided I would put some things in pots and do it up right this spring.

Here's the big view:

I got 2 ivys, 2 dahlias and a geranium. I grew up with geraniums and don't really like them, but they sure do grow well, so I decided I just wanted something that would work.

Ivy #1 - named Otto.
otto ivy

Dahlia #1 - forgot her name.
gladis 2

This Dahlia and ivy were planted together. The ivy's name is Peanut, but I forget what what the 2nd dalia is called.

dalia and peanut

Geranium - named Gladis

Let's hope these grow into beautiful flowers this year.

On a side note, I took this picture of Tesla in front of a church on the west side last weekend when we were flea market shopping. Thought it was interesting having just recently watched The Prestige. Much better than the Illusionist. Also funny to see a picture of a mad scientist in front of a church.
tesla nyc

Last but not least, another bird shat on me yesterday while walking through the west village. 2 times in the past 3 weeks. Should I just stay in, or accept that I will get shit on in life? The Italians think its a sign of good luck. Bring it, cause this is just too weird. No staying in for me. Good luck, I'm ready for you!

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