Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My friends keep leaving

Another one left 2 weeks ago. Mostly they're going back to San Francisco. Some to LA and a couple to Austin.

Christine and her bf Tim got a new dog right before leaving. Nathan and Alison did something similar. Kryssa and Jim left last year. So did Antonio. Mark and Katie left for LA right after I got here. Nicole's there now.

People! Stop leaving. All of the action is here! The SF MOMA sucks! The LACMA is only OK.


Commonplace said...

face it, brother, you need to move back to SF. LA will swallow you soul. yes, SF--"It's the droid you're looking for!"

faycat said...

Those pussies just couldn't hack it here!

Melissa said...

my friends all leave san francisco and i'm running out of roommates, i will soon be living in a box.