Monday, April 25, 2005

Eating my way across NYC.

I've done some research into the best of the cheap/interesting/hole in the wall eats in NYC. This city has the most interesting food in the world and I am going to find it.

Here's the list I am going to start out with. If you know of some others, please post them under comments.

Banjara (Indian)

Burger Joint

Caracas Arepa Bar (corn cakes stuffed with fillings like cheese, meat and plantains)

Chumley's (burgers and beer)

Chutney (Indian)

Corner Bistro (burgers)

Crif Dogs (hot dawgs)

Daphne's (Caribbean)

Downtown Bakery II (mexican)

Earl's (comfort/kitch)

Fake Orchid (Thai)

Freemans (weird bistro w/ taxidermy)

Fried Dumpling

Mama's Food Shop (comfort)

Mamoun's Falafel

Pho Bang Restaurant

Snack (Greek)

West Side Coffee Shop (mexican)

Yatagan Kebab House

Zaragoza Mexican Bakery (tamales)


Commonplace said...

zen palate! downstairs is pretty cheap for box-style veg meals, upstairs is more expense but delic.
there's some place on St. Marks that has great, cheap bento boxes. wonder if it's still there.
lombardi's is great...pretty cheap.
i always liked sotto cinq, but that might be heresy.
the peanut butter pie at old devil moon is yummalicious.

faycat said...

i have so many to add to this list, i can't even begin here. we will have ourselves a gorge-a-licious summer.