Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh Austin...

Drinks on Red River.
Star Seeds with my angel.
Wake up.
Barton Springs.

Salt Lick.

Ron at the Salt Lick.

New doggies!

Drinks at San Jose.
Wake up.
Garage sale con Mi Madre's.
Shadry Grove.
Whole Foods (kiss my ass). and Waterloo.
Wedding at the Driscol.
Palm trees falling.
Wake up.
Posse East.
Grillin' at Doo Koo's.
Wake up.


faycat said...

oh my god, that food looks so good...

Anonymous said...

My fingers look creepily long when I talk on the phone.

Red Star Nezzie said...

i miss austin-- at least when i think about the music, the booze and the BBQ. They can cook the shit out of a good piece o' meat.

faycat said...

what else is there in life besides music, booze, and BBQ?