Tuesday, April 12, 2005

NYC...rock n'roll...shenanigans

Leaving Monica's and hanging out in the East Village always means I'll run into someone. It's good to see an old face.

Also, Fay did a recap of our insane Sat night on her blog. I still don't really believe it, so you can just read about it here. Still doesn't make up for missing my man at the library.

Also got to see Trail of Dead on Sunday and Sonic Youth in Brooklyn last night (to a crowd of less than 400, amazing!). The New Year on Friday!


faycat said...

it really doesn't make up for it?

Melissa said...

your life is so cool...i went to the driving range today...i didn't see any rock stars

gouge away said...

no, I would have much rather been 20 feet from Jeff Tweedy than 2 feet from a Stroke/Cross. But I will take what I can get.

faycat said...

we were way more than 20 ft away, sorry to say. you got to be about 10 ft away from Kim and Thurston last night, though!

i don't want to be anything less than 20 ft away from a stroke. ewww