Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Phil Spector sound/Heat of the Moment (cowbell)

I want every one seeing this to take a good listen to your songs.

Please post songs that start off/have the same structure as those Phil Spector/Ronettes songs (a la Be My Baby) (for the musicians - what is this called?)

-A song on the new Brendon Benson
-A song on the last Ponys
-Heat of the Moment by Asia

-Little sister by Queens of the Stone Age
-Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

If I get a good list together, I will track down the songs and make a comp.


faycat said...

i'm answering your question for the musicians. this is called a "rip-off"

Miss Mena (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) said...

sure do miss you much citizen josef. i'll be in new york soon, i hope. let's connect

Melissa said...

what do you mean by cowbell? there's a cowbell hit by a stick in a hot hot heat song on their last album.

krissy said...

Revisit "Appetite for Destruction" -- you'll be delighted by how prominent the cowbell is on that record. No wonder it's a classic.